Nuffield Health, Golf Studios UK and Ladies European Tour and Sky Sports Analyst Henni Zuel have partnered to create THE HEALTH SHOT: a revolutionary new way to experience golf.

THE HEALTH SHOT combines golf and fitness in a new way, available year round it is based indoors in golf simulators at the joint venue of Golf Studios and Nuffield Health Surbiton where golfers are given a unique tour experience for a day. At a time when golf is on the verge of a new and exciting makeover The Health Shot offers golfers a view of golf from a different angle, the tour angle, what goes on behind the ropes and out on the tours. Learn how the best players in the world consistently play their best and how amateurs can use this information to score and perform better.

The day, hosted by Henni Zuel and her team of nutritionist David Dunne of Harlequins rugby, physio Mark Leyland and Trainer Al Barnard both of Locker 27 Gym in Weybridge consists of:

Learning about golf nutrition – how to fuel yourself to play your best and beat the back 9 slump.

Mobility – how to warm up your body to play and perform your best, no more warm up holes!

Fitness – What to do in the gym and at home that can assist in getting those extra few yards and more importantly getting rid of any current or potential injuries.

Scoring under pressure – perhaps one of the most important but overlooked elements of golf, you are taught techniques of how to handle those tough situations that can make all the difference.

The Health Shot’s tour experience days also offer people and companies the chance to get up close to their idols by being able to pick a tour player of their choice to guide them through the day. Golfers are able to ask questions and learn from their Tour Player in a more intimate and relaxed environment than out on the usual battlefield of the golf course, enabling them to be able to get the most out of their experience.

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