Odyssey, the #1 putter on Tour, have introduced Double Versa Technology with the launch of the new high MOI Jailbird Putter, giving all golfers the next step in high contrast visionary alignment.

Part of the revolutionary Versa family – the fastest growing new putter model on Tour – the Jailbird uses Double Versa Technology to give golfers the opportunity to highlight a proper face angle at address, through the stroke and at impact, allowing a player to dial in on the Jailbird putter’s design even more, accentuating the face angle and improving concentration.


Jailbird represents a step up in Tour proven, major-winning Versa Technology, and coupled with a new and improved laser-milled version of the White Hot insert, the #1 insert on Tour, it is highly engineered for a more consistent sound, better feel and improved performance across the striking surface.


In tests, Double Versa Technology allowed over 50% of golfers to align better and nearly 70% to align more consistently. It also produced an impact angle improvement for nearly 50% of testers, with almost three-quarters seeing their consistency also improve.


Austie Rollinson, Principal Designer, Odyssey Golf, said: “Versa Technology has been a revelation and new ‘Double Versa’, featuring in the Jailbird model, pushes its effectiveness even further. All golfers, whether a Tour pro or game enjoyer, can immediately see how their putter is aligned to the target, improving confidence and ultimately keeping more putts on line and hitting the back of the cup!”


Added to the Jailbird, other new Versa models for 2014 include the #7CS, 330 Mallet and Sabertooth, complementing a family of A-list Major-winning, Tour proven head shapes which include the #1, #2, #7 and 2-Ball options.


The Jailbird is available in 33, 34 and 35-inch lengths, and in right and left-handed options.


Odyssey www.odysseygolf.com


While Ping may have been one of the last manufacturers to bring face technology to its putters, its TR groove design is now part of every model in the line. The latest version is the new Karsten TR, a five-model line of classic Ping shapes that feature variable-depth grooves in the face. 
Unlike the Scottsdale TR line (which features a grooved aluminum face insert), the grooves on the Karsten TR are milled directly into the face. The grooves are shallow around the perimeter of the face and increase in depth towards the middle. The goal of the variable grooves is to produce more consistent ball speed and improve distance control.
The back of the Karsten TR putters features elastomer insert. The lighter elastomer is placed directly behind the center of the face and allows the face to be thinned so the saved weight can be distributed to the heel and toe for an increased moment of inertia, or stability on off-center hits. The elasticity of the polymer is designed to create better sound and feel, giving players immediate feedback as to how close they were to hitting it on the sweet spot of the putter.
The five putters in the new line are designed (and shaft-labeled) to match one of three stroke types: The Anser 2 and B60 each weigh 345 grams and are set for putters with a "Slight Arc," the Pal weighs 360 grams and is also for those with a Slight Arc. The Anser 5 weighs 365 grams and is for players with a "Straight Stroke." The Zing weighs 350 grams and is for a "Strong Arc" stroke. All five feature a copper PVD finish.
The putters are available in both fixed and adjustable shafts, and the lie angle of each can be adjusted +/- four degrees. With the adjustable shafts, you can set your putter length anywhere from 31 to 38 inches, while the standard fixed shaft length is 35 inches.
By Keeley Levins


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