Today Callaway Golf announces two new products that will be available next month at retail, the Big Bertha Irons and the Big Bertha Hybrids.

The Big Bertha Irons can make golfers up to two clubs longer with a new 360 Face Cup technology, a technology previously used for big distance gains in the company’s Fariway Woods and Hybrids. Yes, that’s right: a face cup in an iron — it’s real, and so are the benefits! The Big Bertha Hybrid, a long, easy-to-launch club available in 3H-7H, is Callaway’s first adjustable hybrid.

Both products will be available for purchase on and at retailers nationwide on October 17.



Big Bertha Irons

Product Name: Big Bertha Irons
PAR Date: 10/17
Price: $999 (steel), $1,199 (graphite), $1,299 (combo)
Availability: 3-P, A, S

Product Description (In 7 Words): Unprecedented Distance From A 360 Face Cup

Product Intro:

The new Big Bertha Irons can make you up to 2 clubs longer. It’s the BALL SPEED all across the face that makes this distance a reality because for the first time ever, we’re putting the same 360 Face Cup Technology we use in our fairway woods into our irons.

The face is more flexible too so the ball jumps off the face with more speed. And these clubs are easy to launch with maximum forgiveness and an advanced, confident look that showcases all of our best technology. Big Bertha is in it’s own category, there’s simply no other iron like it.  


Features & Benefits

360 Face Cup Technology
 This is the key feature that gives golfers “up to 2 clubs longer” distance. It’s the same Cup Face Technology we put in fairway woods and it produces HIGHER BALL SPEED all across the face. When you hit the ball on the sweet spot, it’s faster. And when you don’t hit it on the sweet spot, it’s STILL faster.     

Internal Standing Wave For Maximum Distance
The Internal Standing Wave allows us to make the CG low and forgiving, and by doing this we can deliver the full package of high MOI for maximum forgiveness along with high ball speed. It’s designed to help shots launch higher and go farther.  
More Flexible Face
A more flexible face helps the ball jump off the club with serious ball speed behind it, and adds forgiveness too.

Advanced, Appealing Look From Our Best Technology   
The sole designs are wider in the longer irons to give you confidence and smaller in the shorter irons that are typically easier to hit. We’ve included our best technologies in these irons, including a Hollow Body Construction.

Add Hybrids Into The Set
If you like to hit hybrids, replace your long irons with our new Big Bertha Hybrids. They’re long and adjustable to give you distance and optimized ball flights.

Shaft Options:

True Temper Speed Steep 80
UST Recoil Graphite Shaft

Big Bertha Hybrid

Product Name: Big Bertha Hybrid
PAR Date: 10/17
Price: $249 Each
Options: 3-7 Hybrid (19°, 22°, 25°, 28°, 31°)

Product Description (In 5 Words): Bertha Long Distance With Adjustability

Product Intro:

For the first time, we’re bringing adjustability to Callaway hybrids. What’s more, the new Big Bertha Hybrids are leading a whole new distance generation for the category, and it starts with ball speed across the face. The powerful Hyper Speed Face provides that speed on center hits and off-center hits, so distance is a given on each shot.

Since they’re hybrids they have to be easy to launch too, which is why we give you maximum forgiveness from a Center of Gravity that’s low and forgiving.


Features & Benefits

OptiFit Adjustability
For the first time, we’re bringing adjustability to a hybrid. Choose from 8 different settings with the Optifit hosel to adjust loft, lie and shot shape.

Hyper Speed Face (Ball Speed and Distance)
Hybrids need to be long, so we put in a Hyper Speed Face for higher ball speed all across the face. Center hits are going to be faster, and off-center hits will be faster too.

Internal Standing Wave (Makes Them Easy To Launch)
We put in an Internal Standing Wave to make the CG low and forgiving. This is why the Big Bertha Hybrids can give players the full package of maximum forgiveness and ball speed that makes them easy to launch high and hit farther.

Premium Shaft
New UST Recoil Graphite Shaft