Our fastest Bertha yet” is how Callaway describe their new Big Bertha V Series driver and with a total weight of just 290g it is not difficult to see why.
“The Big Bertha V Series is built for distance from lightweight materials, better aerodynamics and refined components with a high MOI and OptiFit adjustability,” say Callaway. 
“We’ve said it and we’ll say it again, it’s here to give you more speed than you’ve ever had so you can get #BerthaLong.”
The basis of the technology behind V Series is that a lighter club helps create more clubhead speed, which helps create more ball speed, which helps you hit the ball a long way.
The design means that the total weight of one of these drivers starts at just 290g
To put it another way, that’s less than three iPhones. 
The higher lofts are fitted with an ultra-light Bassara 42g shaft while the 9˚ model comes with a 565 Speeder as standard which takes the total weight to 302g, still significantly less than the existing Big Bertha drivers.
Hot Face
A Hyper Speed Face delivers higher ball speeds across the face so you consistently hammer long drives
Flowing Lines
Aerodynamic shaping lowers drag through the entire swing to give you faster swing speeds
Fast Shaft
A performance lightweight premium shaft comes as standard – one more way to get more speed in the Big Bertha V Series is an ultra lightweight Mitsubishi Bassara Shaft
Weight Watcher
Forged Composite material is used in the crown which is lighter, leading to maximum clubhead speed for higher ball speed
Dial it in
OptiFit Technology boasts an adjustable hosel that lets you choose from a combination of eight different loft (-1, S, +1, +2) and lie angles (Draw or Neutral) to find your optimised trajectory and shot shape
V Series Driver lowdown
SRP: £299
Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚ & 13.5˚ HT
Shafts: Bassara 42g in 10 & 13.5˚, Speeder 565 in 9˚
Left-hand? Yes
Available: Autumn 2014

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